Phil on stilts = Pick of the Week

Hi everybody! Phil here, extremely happy that the weather has turned chilly; some of us Midwesterners miss that sort of thing. (If you hate chilly weather, please don’t blame me–I didn’t actually cause it.) (As far as I know.)

I haven’t been making music lately because of this play I’m in. It’s HAVE YOU SEEN ALICE? at Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood. This is a crazy circus of a play, extremely tragicomic and full of eye-popping elements. It’s NOT for kids. I appear in a variety of supporting roles, including one on stilts! A first for me.

If you’re an adventurous theatregoer, it’s 90 minutes you’ll never forget. Tickets and info are here.
I believe you can get half-price tickets at and

And here’s our first review…we are Pick of the Week in the upcoming issue of the LA WEEKLY. Wahoo!

See you between now and December 17!

Your extremely tall pal,
Phil Ward