Phil Ward is one of only a few artists in folk music performing comedy–and probably the only person in folk music doing comedy this twisted and unique. His takes on everything -from romance to robot bears to discount pain therapy- will leave you laughing uncontrollably, sometimes while nodding in amazed recognition.

A charter member of legendary Los Angeles-based rock band The High Lonesome from its founding in 1987 through its present, fragile state of retirement, Phil has long been a respected member of the Los Angeles Acoustic Underground. Aside from The High Lonesome’s three albums and Phil’s releases on Trough Records, 2001’s Easily Amused and 2009’s Do Not Insert In Ear Canal, he’s been heard on a number of albums by other artists, and would happily appear on your album for a very reasonable rate.

He’s performed at comedy and music venues all over Southern California and elsewhere, including a ship floating in the Caribbean. He’s been heard on the radio here and there, including The Dr. Demento Show, and in recent years was seen on public TV stations around the country, using song to get you to donate your vehicle.

His favorite review came from the Pasadena Star-News: “Like listening to set-to-music entries from an obsessive-compulsive’s diary…a really funny one.”


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