Audiences have been laughing themselves silly at Phil’s songs for the past fifteen years, and it’s high time you brought that same giddy feeling into your home. Or your car. Phil’s 2001 album Easily Amused was recorded live at Kulak’s Woodshed, an acoustic music hangout in North Hollywood. Guest players who lent their considerable talents to the project include Mark Allen and Gary Grantham of The High Lonesome, Russell Smith of Kyler & Tyler fame, and wailing soul singers Pat Dade and Robyn Roth. The songs include some that have developed cult followings of their own, such as the mind-bending “I Am Wearing Blue Bedroom” and “Jenny Chow,” perhaps the most definitive ode to obsessive love ever written. All of them are pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, or at least smile knowingly. There is also a song during which an actual live frog appears as a surprise musical guest, which Trough Records believes to be a recording industry first.

In the fall of 2008, with the presidential election approaching, Phil’s political song “Stupid” was released as a downloadable single, and its video made a small splash on YouTube.

And in September 2009, Phil released the album Do Not Insert In Ear Canal, again on the Trough Records label. This one was recorded live at the ComedySportz Theatre in Hollywood and contains fourteen songs, including stuff you’ve seen on YouTube like “Stupid” and “The Hoosegow” (which features tap dancing by its co-author Myles Nye), and of course the staggering mini-opera “Ugly Little Pizza,” featuring a sixteen-voice choir. Other singer/players on the album include Phil’s wife and the subject of many of his songs, Silvie Zamora, along with Gary Grantham and manic fiddler Aubrey Richmond.

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