New releases

DO NOT INSERT IN EAR CANAL is ready for insertion

September 8, 2009 was the release date for Phil’s new live CD, DO NOT INSERT IN EAR CANAL. You can now get your copy through the mail, or through the atmosphere if you prefer digital downloads. And, of course, Phil will sell you one cheap if you go to one of his gigs.

DO NOT INSERT IN EAR CANAL has fourteen songs on it, recorded live, including stuff you’ve seen on YouTube like The Hoosegow and Stupid, and of course the staggering mini-opera Ugly Little Pizza, featuring a sixteen-voice choir, bringing the album to a thunderous climax that would make Wagner envious, or at least giggly.

How to get yourself a copy: buy it or download it digitally from, or through Or get a copy Phil’s favorite way…go to the ComedySportz Store, where only Phil’s previous CD EASILY AMUSED is visible (the site is being updated). Order that CD, but in the “Special instructions” area, type something like “Don’t send me his old one; send me his new one! Why in God’s name would I want the old one? What kind of out-of-date relic do you take me for?!” Rest assured you will receive the new one. Not only do we aim to please, but we really dislike being yelled at.