South Pasadena, featuring me

South Pasadena, featuring me
If you’re hoping to catch me playing my own goofball songs, you’ll be in luck on April 28. I’m on the Fretted Frog stage, in the Calvary Church South Parlor 1050 Fremont Ave, South Pasadena, 91030, from 6 to 6:25pm. It’s free! Come in the afternoon if you can, wander around South Pasadena’s charming Old Town area (the Metro Yellow Line goes right to it), catch dozens of great musical acts for free, and join me at 6. Get ready for The Eclectic Music Festival–one of my favorite events in Southern California, ever.


A podcast you’ll love
My wife Silvie has released the latest episode of her excellent podcast Life Lab Notes, and this one is a great sci-fi comedy featuring Silvie, voice actor extraordinaire Keith Ferguson (the tough guy in your favorite video games), and music by yours truly.

Check out this episode [Who Has Your Back?] and all the others wherever you get your podcasts, or by clicking this.