Check out Phil in action!

Here are my most recent videos: Like An Angel, shot in 2022; the song will be on my next album, coming in 2024.

Bible Quiz, shot in 2020, which will be heard in a full-band version on my next album.

Jury Duty, cowritten with the ingenious Brian Woodbury; find a full-band version of this song on his album Antipathy & Ideology.

Three recordings of full live-streamed concerts from the Great Shutdown…

Here’s one from February 24, 2021: a 45-minute showcase from the virtual “Folk Unlocked” conference, featuring Silvie Zamora on harmony, whistling and lurking mysteriously.

This is a pre-election, largely political-leaning set from October 21, 2020: a 34-minute performance as part of Mom Hen’s Midweek Mini Mic series.

And from March 22, 2020: a 33-minute set as part of Theatre of NOTE’s 12 Days of Quarantine, featuring Silvie Zamora on the really good singing, plus sign-waving and other stuff.

Here’s a 7-minute demo of my act at Flapper’s Comedy Club in Burbank, with the song “Trouble” and some improvised stuff.

And here are some single songs caught on video:

Stupid live in 2008 at ComedySportz Los Angeles

The Hoosegow live in 2008 at ComedySportz Los Angeles

Shoes Untied, an improvised song performed with the house band in a 2011 episode of the stage show Up Late With Adam Fisher

Ugly Little Pizza live in 2008 at ComedySportz Los Angeles

Jenny Chow live in 2001 at Kulak’s Woodshed

Phil’s YouTube channel: Phil Ward Comedy