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Three servings of Philness!

The words “Phil Ward” and “erotic”, uttered in the same breath–how often does that happen? (Answer: not.)  But now, it’s all changed: I’m in this play called Have You Seen Alice? that opens in November at Theatre of NOTE.  In order to raise funds for the show, we’re offering you…Three Nights of Burlesque, Erotic Plays, & Hot Music.  This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Oct 7-9. I’ll be there Friday at least. Can you make it?

If you need to see something on Facebook in order to prove it’s real (because nothing’s real if it’s not on Facebook, is it?), click here for the event page.

Your next question is probably “What will I do on Tuesday Oct 11, as I’m trying to recover from the erotic weekend?” I’m happy to report that I’ll be back at Matt Denny’s Ale House in Arcadia, performing at J.C. Hyke’s beautiful Songwriter Serenade series, still rolling on after almost a year! I’ll play a couple of songs, I’m bringing my pal Luke Walton to play a song, and about a zillion other cool artists will be there too. Free. Buy food and drink or don’t, up to you.

Where: 145 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia, 91006
When: Oct 11, 7 to 9:30
Details at

And finally, I’m tickled to tell you that for the first time in a couple of years, a new video has been posted on my YouTube channel, PhilWardComedy. It’s one of my appearances as a musical guest in the show Up Late With Adam Fisher, which I’m constantly nattering about here. See me as my audience-suggested alter ego Benji San Dimas, improvising the song “Shoes Untied” with the deep-fried funky house band.  For cryin’ out loud, click here immediately!