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Phil gives you vital false information

Phil Ward’s new song: an important look at made-up history

Hi, everybody! You can be among the first to hear, absolutely free, my brand new song “Ethel of the AFM.” It’s all about a crucial, historic, and completely-invented-by-me milestone in the history of the American labor movement. It’s also full of fresh, grade-A goofiness, just as you’ve come to expect from me.

It’s one of many union-centric songs you’ll find on the Union Plus web site. You can go there and hear “Ethel of the AFM” and 44 other songs, some of which are pretty cool. (For example, the genuinely famous John McCutcheon posted one–he rocks!)

Here’s the link that should take you right to my song (if it doesn’t, use the menu on the right side to scroll around till you find it)…

I’m sure you’ll notice that yes, these songs are all entered in a contest. If you’re the kind of person who likes to spend your time registering on web sites so you can vote for things, you can do that while you’re there by clicking the “Login” button. I’m not urging you to vote any particular way; please vote your conscience. That’s my advice in most elections.

In sadder (and factual) news…goodbye to ComedySportz

Many of you have visited the ComedySportz Theatre in Hollywood to see improv shows and/or hear me play. Heck, it’s where I recorded my latest album. Sadly, CSz is a victim of the economy and is scheduled to close its doors at the end of October, ending a 22-year run.

We’re trying to keep it going a while longer by selling tickets like crazy. I don’t want anybody to give CSz a handout (unless you’re rich, in which case yes I do want you to give CSz a handout); I just hope you’ll consider buying tix to CSz in the next few weeks. We do shows THU thru SUN, a whole variety of ’em, not just the team-vs-team format. And most of ’em are rated G, so you can bring whomever you like. We’re selling tix at a bargain rate right now, so if you’re wondering what to give your comedy-loving pal for her/his birthday, buy some tix and give ’em away as presents. They’re good thru at least October.

To explore the bargain Ticket Packs we’re selling, click the picture and check out this site:

If you just want to casually attend a show or two, click here’s our schedule:

Let me know when you’re going and I’ll try to be there too so we can hang out.

Thanks to those of you who came to my last few gigs! I’ll have more coming up in the fall. We’ll talk then.

Your favorite spurious historian,
Phil Ward